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There is a sense of Déjà vu going on in Oregon. After two decades, it's happening again. Starting in the seventies, the Oregon wine industry put its roots down in the Willamette Valley. By the nineties, there were hundreds of small wineries making wine that rivaled the Old World. In the last half of the eighties, the ‘good beer’ movement took hold here in the quest for a better beer.  Here in the 21’st Century, small scale artisan-made distilled spirits are poised to remake the beverage landscape like its siblings, beer and wine.

Here are a few of our favorite Oregon distilleries. All of these are part of the Oregon Distillers Guild, the nations first craft distillers trade organization.

Artisan Spirits - Portland, Ore.

Brandy Peak - Bandon, Ore.

Bendistillery - Bend, Ore.

Cascade Peak Spirits - Ashland, Ore.

Clear Creek Distillery - Portland, Ore.

Dolmen Distillery - McMinnville, Ore.

Highball Distillery - Portland, Ore.

House Spirits - Portland, Ore.

Indio Spirits - Tigard, Ore.

Integrity Spirits
- Portland, Ore.

Liquid Vodka - Warren, Ore.

Mcmenamin's Edgefield Distillery - Troutdale, Ore.

New Deal Distillery - Portland, Ore.

Rogue Spirits - Portland & Newport, Ore.

Ransom Spirits - Portland, Ore.

Portland Oregon's Distillery Row - Seven distilleries all located in SE Portland.

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