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Infusions are made by soaking fresh herbs and spices in alcohol. We do this to capture the most authentic, pure and clean flavors possible. The Saffron vodka for instance uses more than eight spices. Each one gives up it's magic at a different rate. That's why we infuse each spice or herb seperately - to allow us to capture each component as it's peak of flavor.

Right before bottling, we combine the flavors in layers starting with the most subtle and ending with the boldest. This allows us to create an extremely complex product that is totally unique each time.

Sub Rosa Tarragon being mixed before bottling bottles of Sub Rosa Tarragon vodka, roll off the line

Each run of our distillates is batch numbered and dated. The very nature of infusions dictate that there will be slight variations from batch to batch. At Sub Rosa Spirits, we embrace the variable nature of what we do.

Batch Eight of Saffron is sold out nationwide and Batch Six Tarragon is almost sold out. Sub Rosa Spirits are available in Oregon, Washington State, New Mexico, Washington DC and California. Mostly at bars are restaurants. You'll have a hard time finding them at liquor stores though. The good news is that you can find them on the Internet at Vintage Wine and Spirits.

Check out our decription of each batch.

hand bottled, hand crafted Tarragon vodka from Sub Rosa Cap strips and date stamp are all hand applied

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