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At Sub Rosa Spirits we make two unique vodkas. One is flavored with fresh Oregon grown organic Tarragon. The other - a Saffron vodka, is a heady mélange of eight spices that gives a nod
to India and Asia.

Both are 90 proof. Smooth but intense.

Our Tarragon vodka is delightfully herbal and refreshing with delicate herbal licorice notes. This spirit is made with fresh certified organic tarragon, a whisper of fennel and a hint of mint. The pale green color is all natural and derived from the fresh herbeal infusion.
Serve chilled with a lemon peel or a splash of Limoncello.

Our Saffron vodka is a bold blend of 8 spices combined into a unique distillate that is not for the faint of palate. Toasted cumin on the nose with lemony coriander on the mid-palate that finishes with a generous amount of saffron [the most expensive spice in the world].
Serve over ice or with a little mango juice and a splash of lime.

Both flavored vodkas are sold in 750 ML bottles.
Suggested retail price is $29.95.
Gold Medal winners both.
91 and 90 points. Exceptional.

These spirits are available in Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, California, Illinois and even Washington D.C.; the home of all things 'sub-rosa'. And yes, you can order these over the Internet.

Here's a list of where you can pick up our spirits.

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