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Sub Rosa vodkas are made one batch at a time by soaking fresh herbs and spices in high proof alcohol. Each spice and herb is infused separately and combined to mirror both the original recipe and our target flavor profile.

Due to variations in how these ingredients infuse, there are slight differences in each batch, which makes them more akin to a vintage wine than a monosyllabic spirit. Every once in awhile, you may notice some sediment or particulate that fell out of solution after filtering and bottling. Not to worry. This happens with infusions and live fresh ingredients. To note these batch variations, each bottle is hand stamped with the year produced and the subsequent batch number.

Batch Eight Saffron is sold out from the distillery but can be found still in selected states. Batch Seven Tarragon has not yet been released. Batch Nine Saffron is about to be released.

Sub Rosa Tarragon vodka being mixed

Tarragon Batch Four: Strong top notes of tarragon.  Herbal with hint of licorice. Nice peppery mid-palate. Crisp flavors with alcohol highlights - 90 proof does that. Leaf green.

Saffron Batch Four: Light cumin on the nose. Big lemony coriander mid-palate. Solid red and black pepper throughout. Very light yellow in color.

Saffron Batch Five: Solid cumin and coriander backbone that says India and Asia to Africa. The red and black peppers along with the ginger and galengal provide a laser like flavor backstop.

Saffron Batch Six: Big cumin and bold coriander profile. The sweet orange peel notes really come through in this batch.

Tarragon Batch Six: Big fresh tarragon nose. Very herbal and fresh tarragon on the palate. A truly delightful batch. These just keep getting better and better, if that is possible.

Tarragon Batch Seven: Herbal notes preceed the licorice flavors that come from fresh tarragon leaves. The finish is both pepper and mint, which is very nice indeed.

Saffron Batch Seven: Softer cumin notes with a big cayenne pepper hit that is quite nice.

Saffron Batch Eight: Some really nice smokey notes from the toasted cumin. Big coriander mid-palate and a touch of heat.

Saffron Batch Nine: Beautifully balanced. Always a solid coriander middle. The cumin dances over the top nicely. Great blend of ginger and pepper notes.

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