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Sub Rosa Spirits are available in Oregon, Washington State, Northern and Southern California, New Mexico and Washington DC.

Ask for them at bars, restaurants, your favorite liquor store or find them on the 'Net.

Internet and phone sales:

Retailers in California should be able to ship Sub Rosa to customers within their own state. In many cases, UPS won't ship distilled spirits at all. That said, Vintage Spirits in Mill Valley, California will ship spirits to all 50 states. Call 415.388.1626 to order or click on the link above. Each state has their own rules and regulations for shipping and receiving distilled spirits, so be patient and be persistant. Expect to pay about $12-15 a bottle for shipping, over the cost of the product. It ain't cheap to ship glass and liquid and to cover the cost of adult signatures. But until these gems are availlable in your area, this is how you'll get your hands on them.


Oregon is a 'control' liquor state, so you can find these distillates only at a few dozen hip state liquor stores or at selected bars and restaurants. Ask the bartender if they carry Sub Rosa. Here are a few that do.

In Portland: Wildwood – NW 21st; Serratto - NW 21st; Toast – SE Steele; East India Bar & Grill – SW 11th; Heathman Hotel - SW Broadway; Temple Bar - NW 21st; Oba - NW 12th; Driftwood Room @ Hotel deLuxe - SW 15th; Lauro Kitchen - 34th & Division; Vindalho – SE 20th & Clinton; Clarklewis – SE Water Ave.; The Farm Cafe – NE 7th at E. Burnside; STIR - Oregon Convention Center. Vintage Lounge - SE 79th and Stark. In Eugene: Cafe Soriah on W. 13th. In Yamhill County: Dundee Bistro in Dundee, at the luxury Allison Inn & Spa in the hills above Newberg; at the Voodoo Martini lounge in downtown Newberg and the Joel Palmer House out in Dayton. Here is a list of Oregon state liquor stores that usually carry Sub Rosa vodkas.


California rocks when it comes to Sub Rosa Spirits. Great bars and restaurants that really care about their cocktails abound. Here are a few places where you can find 'em:

In San Francisco at Dosa at Fillmore and Post; Beretta on Valencia; Aziza on Geary; Elixir 16th & Guerrero; Orson in SOMA; Aub Zam Zam in the Haight; Absinthe Brasserie on Hayes St.; Le Colonial at Cosmo Place near Union Square; the Slanted Door at 1 Ferry Building at the Embarcadero has tried them out; Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel on Geary; Luna Park on Valencia; Farallon on Post; the Thirsty Bear on Howard and Citizen Cake on Grove St.

Other venues include Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley; Bungalow 44 also in Mill Valley; Mint Leaf in Berkeley; Cafe Rouge in Berkeley; Luka's in Oakland; Sierra Mar in Big Sur; the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz; Press in St Helena; the Pearl LoungeAvalon in Eureka and Pianeta in Truckee. 

In Los Angeles Sub Rosa Spirits if you are a member at the private Hillcrest Club in Beverly Hills, you are in luck, as they both cook with them and serve them at the bar. In San Diego, visit Urban Solace in the North Park area.

For San Francisco retailers you might try Plump Jack Wines on 24th St in Noe Valley. Outside SF, Crow Canyon Wine & Liquor - San Ramon; Ledgers Liquor in Berkeley; Vintage Wine & Spirits in Mill Valley; Arcata Co-Op in Arcata as well as Myrtlewood Liquors and Harris and K Liquors in Eureka.

In Los Angeles you should be able find Sub Rosa out in the retail market at the Beverage Warehouse on McConnell in the Culver City area. You can also find the Saffron at Mel & Rose on Melrose.

Our distributor in Northern California is Bock Wine & Spirits. You can contact them for the latest information on where to find Sub Rosa in California by calling 800.924.1574.

Washington State:

With the demise of the state liquor store system, by fiat of the voters, no more 'Special Orders' of any small volume spirits are being taken in 2012. That means that what is on the shelves is all you are going to find of Sub Rosa until we find a distributor to pick up our spirits in the second half of the year. There are a few places in Seattle where you still might be able find a bottle. Try Store #101 at 2960 4th Ave. South in Seattle, down below Safeco Field. Store # 28 at 12th and East Pine on Capitol Hill carries the Saffron vodka in their 'special order display'. Store #77 at the bottom of Queen Anne also carries the Saffron vodka in their 'special order' display. You will find the Saffron at Store #69 out in Northgate. And you might try store #46 at 6th and Lenora in Seattle which was stocking up for their Local 360 account. Lastly, if you go out to Vashon Island, the liquor store there was carrying our spirits and had quite a following.

There are a few intrepid Seattle bars and restaurants that carry Sub Rosa Spirits. Please support them, as they have gone out of the way to carry our distillates. The Zig Zag Cafe has them both behind the bar and they are making a Tarragon Rissoto with the Tarragon vodka. Liberty up on Capitol Hill has them. Local 360 in Belltown is making a killer deconstructed Moscow Mule with our Saffron vodka, which they call "The Fremont". The Saffron Grill in the Northgate is using our Saffron vodka in several Indian style cocktail until they can't find it at the local liquor store. The Art Cafe at the Seattle Museum on 1st was making a killer Saffron and mango cocktail for quite a while.


Our distributor in Colorado, Alpha Wine Company in Denver pretty much disappeared off the map, so we really don't have distribution in Colorado anymore. Bummer.

When Sub Rosa WAS available, here is where you could find them. For cocktails: Mizuna at 7th and Sherman in Denver. City, O’ City between Sherman and Grant on 13th. Fuel Cafe at Ringsby Court. Opus on Main Street in Littleton. The Kitchen in Boulder or the West End Tavern, also in Boulder. Slide into Dish! in Edwards for a Saffron cocktail or Eat! to buy a bottle.

Retailers that carried our spirits include: DiVino Wine & Spirits on S. Broadway and Mondo Vino at the corner of 32nd & Lowell - both in Denver proper. Of Grape & Grain on E. Hopkins Ave. in Aspen; Avon Liquor in, well, Avon. Otie's Wine and Spirits in Windsor. Star Liquor on Florida Rd. in Durango. Superior Liquor at US 36 & McCaslin Blvd. south of Boulder and Tony's Wine at E. Dry Creek Rd. in Centennial.

We will be looking for a distributor for Colorado who knows craft spirits.


Our distributor in Illinois was Bon Vivant Distributing in Chicago but they went out of business. Too bad. We had some loyal restaurant customers who are dissapointed to see the product disappear. If we get back into Chicago, you'll be the first to know.

Washington DC: [the epicenter for all things sub-rosa]

Retailers Ace Beverage on New Mexico NW and Potomac Wine and Spirits on M St. NW in Washington DC are the only East Coast retail connections. For bars, Art and Soul near Union Station in Downtown DC, carries both spirits as does the Enology Wine Bar at the corner of Wisconsin Ave. and Macomb St, NW. Oya at 9th St. NW is rockin' with our Tarragon vodka and Jaleo and Urbana are featuring new seasonal cocktails with our spirits right now. Cafe Atlantico is using the Tarragon right now and Cafe St-Ex is hot on the Saffron. Contact Rob Rutledge at Ledroit Brands to find out where else in DC you can find these elixirs. His phone number is 703.944.4038.

New Mexico:

VIN garage, a boutique wine and spirits distributor based in Santa Fe is loving our products. Boo Frith of VIN garage has placed these two spirits in a number of top flight bars, restaurants and retailers. First stop, check out the Coyote Cafe for a great cocktail made out of the Saffron vodka. In New Mexico contact Boo at 505.440.9926 to get your hands on these two puppies. She's waiting to hear from you.

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