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Sub Rosa Spirits is an Oregon craft micro distillery producing
non traditional distillates that carry great intensity and flavor.

Our first products are two amazing culinary inspired vodkas and we're working on a great gin. The first distillate is a Tarragon vodka. Delightfully herbal with the slightest hint of licorice that occurs naturally in tarragon. We use fresh organic tarragon leaves and just a touch of mint for flavor dynamics. The pale green color is all natural. A "martini" with a lemon peel or a touch of Limoncello is the first cocktail you should try with our Tarragon vodka.

Saffron vodka is intense. As complex as a gin with 8 spices, this distillate is beguiling with toasted cumin on the nose, lemony coriander on the mid-palate, a hint of ginger, just a touch of heat and the aromatics of saffron at the end. Inspired by Indian and Asian food.
Not for the faint of palate. Both of these distillates are 90 proof.

These vodkas use fresh ingredients and darn expensive ones too. Saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet. No essential oils were used for flavoring. What you taste is fresh herbs and spices suspended in alcohol.

Sub Rosa Spirit culinary inspired vodkas are available in Oregon, California,
Washington State, New Mexico and Washington D.C..
And can of course be ordered via the Internet.

Get a bottle and join the secret brother and sisterhood of Sub Rosa.
We invite you to come along on our quest for the true spirit.

Sub Rosa Sprits will rock your world

sub-rosa, adjective:
Designed to be secret; clandestine; private.

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